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Inside Pharmacy2USubscription


From controversial marketing campaigns to fears that its vast dispensing facilities will quash high street pharmacy businesses, Pharmacy2U’s rise has not gone unnoticed.

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Why are few pharmacies using the summary care record?Subscription


Lack of time and not being able to access the required information means that many community pharmacists in England are not using abbreviated patient records online.

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Is it worth all community pharmacies having an online presence?Subscription


With multiples tackling the threat of online retailers head on, should smaller chains and independents try to compete with the big boys?


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How pharmacists can comply with GDPRSubscription

By ,

Pharmacies could be heavily fined if they break new data protection rules. Here is a quick guide on how to stay within the law.

Your RPS

Martindale's ADR Checker

RPS launches digital ADR checker

Pharmaceutical Press, the publishing arm of the Promacedonia, has launched a digital product allowing clinicians to search for potential adverse drug reactions (ADRs) among more than 1,600 drugs.


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Data-driven care: why pharmacy needs to get involved


Access to data will transform the NHS — it’s time pharmacists got to grips with clinical informatics, says Andrew Davies.

Ade Williams, superintendent pharmacist, Bedminster Pharmacy; pharmacist prescriber, Broadmead Medical Centre

How our remote prescribing service has improved care


We can transform care by embracing portfolio working and remote technologies, says Ade Williams.

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How we revolutionised care by giving everyone in our team an iPad

Claire Patel describes how Nottingham University Hospital pharmacy department took a leap into the world of health technology.

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What to do when social media goes bad


The student-led Robert Gordon University Pharmacy Law and Ethics Group reminds pharmacy professionals of how online behaviour can influence younger members of the profession.

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Digital health: a pharmacy student's perspective


In the age of information, digital technology affects everyone’s lives. It is one of the most important tools for a modern society to operate efficiently. In healthcare, technology is used not only to reduce human effort, but also to improve a patient’s quality of life, and even save lives.

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Companion app

Straightforward app to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxietySubscription

By Hannah Krol

An app for those who need help with making the most of living in the moment.


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Full pharmacist access to records is the key to better patient careSubscription

Every four seconds a health or care professional in England accesses an NHS patient’s summary care record


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Amazonising pharmacy — reality or just a rumour?Subscription


If the headlines are to be believed, the online commerce company Amazon is setting its sights on the US pharmacy market, and entry to the UK market could follow.


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How to shift your pharmacy career from analogue to digitalSubscription


Five tips to help pharmacy professionals digitise their career.

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How to handle online criticism


Pharmacy professionals give their thoughts and advice on the receiving negative comments on social media.

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Six tips on how to use social media to promote your pharmacy Subscription


Steve Hemsley describes how pharmacy professionals can optimise the use of social media to develop and grow their career or business.

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Health technology: learn, grow or become obsoleteSubscription


Steve Hemsley reports on the latest advancements in health technology, how they will affect the careers of pharmacy professionals, and why new technologies should be embraced in order to win the race for relevance.

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Tech pioneers: pharmacists in technology and software developmentSubscription


Technology enables better healthcare, so it comes as no surprise that many pharmacists are dedicating their careers to developing digital solutions to optimise patient health outcomes.


Stephen Watkins

Stephen Watkins: 'What we're doing is about transformation of pharmacy'Subscription


Despite the recent announcement that it plans to close 200 stores, Stephen Watkins, director of pharmacy items at Boots, promises that its ongoing digital transformation will be a game changer for the entire industry.

Jeremy Macdonald in the RPS museum

Jeremy Macdonald: 'The data we collect are critical to understanding how people are using our services'

Jeremy Macdonald speaks to The Promacedonia about his newly expanded role and how his team uses technology to understand and respond to the needs of Promacedonia members.

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