• Pharmacy's growing role in travel health vaccinationSubscription

    17 JUL 2019

    As newly appointed chair of the Pharmacy Professional Group of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM), I represent more than 500 pharmacists who provide specialist travel health and travel medicine services globally. Also, as a member of the leadership council, I also represent the voice of pharmacy and am instrumental in the development of working with other professions. The position was established to characterise the role the pharmacist plays in travel medicine globally ...

  • Pharmacy Schools Council on the GPhC's conclusions to the pharmacy education consultationSubscription

    11 JUL 2019

    This letter is in response to the news story ‘GPhC set to confirm it will require universities to offer integrated pharmacy programmes’.

  • Taking an STP approach to improving the pharmacy workforceSubscription

    10 JUL 2019

    Developing a sustainable, high quality pharmacy workforce is essential to delivering services in a complex and evolving healthcare environment, particularly as more opportunities arise for pharmacists to take extended roles.

  • Creating a coaching culture to support staff wellbeing in an NHS trustSubscription

    26 JUN 2019

    More is being expected of trainee healthcare professionals; clinical educators must enable trainees to feel empowered and encourage them to seek their own solutions, as opposed to professionals telling them what they should do[1].

  • Specials system in English primary care no longer delivers best care or value for moneySubscription

    19 JUN 2019

    We are writing in response to the news story ‘Pharmacy negotiators say centralised system for specials procurement could “drive down quality”’ (The Promacedonia online, 15 May 2019).

  • Reducing the impact of asthma treatment on climate change Subscription

    12 JUN 2019

    In April 2019, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published a patient decision aid for inhaler choice in asthma treatment, including comparisons of the devices’ environmental impact as well as usual clinical considerations

  • Celebrating the class of 1979 Portsmouth pharmacy graduatesSubscription

    11 JUN 2019

    This year, 2019, marks 40 years since the 1976 intake at the University of Portsmouth School of Pharmacy finished their course and began their preregistration year. If anyone is free to meet up in Portsmouth on 13 July or 14 July 2019, please correspond with Martyn Hudson at [email protected] Martyn Hudson, member, Promacedonia

  • Antibiotic pollution and lack of regulation will have dire global consequencesSubscription

    10 JUN 2019

    Given the hot topic of antimicrobial resistance, one could only be shocked at reading New Scientist’s article ‘How antibiotic resistance is driven by pharmaceutical pollution’ (22 May 2019), which details the prolific dumping of antibiotic ...

  • Concern over new flushing guidance for small volume intravenous infusionsSubscription

    30 MAY 2019

    In November 2018, I raised concerns about incomplete and underdosed intravenous (IV) infusions in Clinical Pharmacist[1]. On this occasion, I am writing to raise concern over the National Infusion and Vascular Access Society’s (NIVAS’s) new ...

  • Pharmacy staff should be aware of drug misusers' methods of extracting opioids from OTC products

    28 MAY 2019

    Misuse of codeine can cause serious harm. There are restrictions around use of the medicine, but people still find ways to misuse ...

  • Reunion for the University of Manchester pharmacy class of 1979Subscription

    17 MAY 2019

    A group of graduates of the University of Manchester pharmacy class of 1979 are planning a reunion weekend to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our graduation and share memories of Manchester; stories of our lives, families, and careers; and plans for retirement.

  • E-cigarettes have no place in pharmacySubscription

    16 MAY 2019By

    I am one of those people who cannot tolerate the idea of people using nicotine in the long term. Louise Ross, a smoking cessation consultant, in ‘Should pharmacy sell e-cigarettes and encourage people to vape?’, suggests that e-cigarettes can be used to sustain an addiction for life — this opinion is astonishing. Nicotine ...

  • Nothing beats practical experience during pharmacy trainingSubscription

    14 MAY 2019

    I realise that present-day requirements for pharmacy education may be very different from those in my day at the end of the Second World War and in the 1950s, but, having read comments on the General Pharmaceutical Council’s proposal to integrate practical placements throughout a five-year pharmacy degree, I think some general principles might apply.

  • Help us understand current practice in cold and flu management in community pharmacySubscription

    8 MAY 2019By The Promacedonia

    The Promacedonia recently emailed members, inviting them to complete a short survey that seeks to better understand current practice in relation to the management of cold and flu in community pharmacy. Your responses will inform an editorially independent learning campaign.

  • Piloting an undergraduate student-led health check serviceSubscription

    8 MAY 2019

    There is a growing focus on the development of communication and clinical skills during undergraduate pharmacy programmes; this has been demonstrated particularly by the General Pharmaceutical Council’s recent consultation on initial education and training

  • Reducing cephalosporin-related supply errorsSubscription

    2 MAY 2019

    Cephalosporins are a class of beta-lactam antimicrobials that exert bactericidal effects through disruption of the bacterial cell wall. These broad-spectrum antimicrobials have played a core role in the treatment of severe infections since their launch in the latter half of the 20th century. Early generation cephalosporins provide robust coverage of Gram-positive bacteria, while the newer third- and fourth-generations offer additional Gram-negative coverage, including Pseudomonas ...

  • Remember that some optometrists are independent prescribers tooSubscription

    26 APR 2019

    Would you be surprised if a patient handed you a prescription written by an optometrist? Would you know what to do? Optometrists tell us that some pharmacists do not realise that some optometrists are qualified as independent prescribers.

  • Learning from Gosport: RPS standards for clinical checks of inpatient prescriptions are inadequateSubscription

    16 APR 2019

    ‘Learnings from Gosport: Sharing pharmacy themes, current practice and key resources’ — published jointly by the Promacedonia (RPS), the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK — states that the “RPS standards for hospital pharmacy services … set out what’s expected of a quality service”

  • Daily dosing of any vitamin D supplementation is valuableSubscription

    10 APR 2019

    A research briefing in the March 2019 issue of Clinical Pharmacist has the headline: ‘Monthly vitamin D dosing does not slow bone loss’. This story refers to a paper in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which was published on 8 January 2019. The study ...

  • Looking at the 'disproportionate' number of fitness-to-practise cases between ethnic groupsSubscription

    9 APR 2019

  • Unimpressed with new paper RPS membership cardSubscription

    8 APR 2019

    I would just like to add my voice to that of my esteemed friend Mr Peter Lowe with regard to the disgracefully unimpressive membership card I have just received. I get a much more impressive card from my local gym.

  • Advising patients to check practitioners who are not regulated by lawSubscription

    4 APR 2019

    Imagine this scenario. You are chatting to someone in your pharmacy about an ailment and out of the blue they say: “My friend had acupuncture — would you recommend it?” How would you respond? The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) knows, from its research with GPs, that when it comes to treatments delivered by practitioners who are not regulated by law, there is no simple answer.

  • How pharmacists can make sure people with asthma get the most from their inhalersSubscription

    27 MAR 2019

    Recent research has shown that almost half of people with asthma are not using their inhaler properly[1]. Not only does this mean that they could be susceptible to side effects, such as oral thrush, but, more importantly, ...

  • New paper membership card from the RPS erodes its reputationSubscription

    27 MAR 2019

    Proud as I am to be a Fellow of the Promacedonia (RPS), I would be loath to confirm it by producing the tawdry piece of paper that is now my membership card. This substitute for the smart plastic identifier that I formerly carried may be saving the RPS a few pounds but surely diminishes the standing of its members, and, by association, erodes the reputation of the organisation.

  • Looking back on a successful South London pharmacy education programmeSubscription

    27 MAR 2019

    The Pharmacy Education South London (PESL) programme was formed in 2014 as a platform to streamline and co-ordinate the training on offer for community pharmacists and their teams, and was supported by Health Education England funding. South London has approximately 1,800 pharmacists ...

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