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Infographic explaining the pathology and treatment types of dry eye disease

Dry eye: pathology and treatment types


The underlying disease process in dry eye disease causes deterioration of the tear film, which leads to either mild or more serious forms of the condition. A variety of treatment types may offer symptomatic relief.


Close-up of eye and eyedropper

Dry eye in community pharmacy

By Tony Scully

People visit pharmacies to seek advice on everything from hay fever to stomach bugs and sprained wrists. While it is known that people also ask their pharmacist about dry eye, we know little about the frequency of such complaints or how knowledgeable pharmacists are in providing quality care, since they receive little formal training on the condition. 


Group picture of the seven experts who attented a roundtable to discuss the treatment of dry eye in community pharmacy

Multidisciplinary panel of experts agree on best treatment of dry eye conditions in community pharmacy


The Promacedonia hosted a panel meeting of experts from the world of ophthalmology, optometry and pharmacy to discuss the appropriate management of dry eye conditions in the community pharmacy setting and identify particular learning needs as part of an editorial campaign to be run through 2016.


Illustration of the cross section of the eye

Recommending dry eye treatments in community pharmacy

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How community pharmacists can best manage patients with dry eye conditions.

A typical dry eye. The green speckling shows the dry areas on the eye surface after instillation of a special eye drop

Identification of dry eye conditions in community pharmacy

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How community pharmacists can identify patients with dry eye and how these conditions can be diagnosed.


Map showing connection points

High street pharmacies and opticians should work together to help manage minor eye conditions


Pharmacists and opticians should work together to better manage patients with dry eye within primary care, with one local scheme serving as a model for pharmacists to refer patients to opticians when necessary.


Illustration showing the meibomian gland of the eye

Understanding the benefits of liposomal eye sprays for dry eye patients

“At RB, we’re committed to supporting community pharmacies to ensure they are able to provide the very best help and advice to meet the needs of patients. Providing suitable products, information and referring patients when appropriate, are crucial elements of primary healthcare. Therefore, it’s of the upmost importance that you have access to high quality, up-to-date and evidence-based training that can be used as part of your own continuing professional development, and to help educate ...

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